SITE Project – Contextualisation

Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzers sign works use language to draw attention and disrupt an institutional site, this is seen strongly in her set of works Truisms. The work is displayed in public spaces and engages a new meaning that challenges the preconceptions of the space. She particularly is interested in corporate use of public space, and challenges this with her text signs. I am interested in this use of language to disrupt a space, and in my own practice I am particularly considering how disrupted language sits besides intentional, direct language used by institutions, and the relationship that this creates.


The work of dècollage artists such as Wolf Vestell and Jacques Mahè has been also been a key influence in my repsonse to the SITE project. I haven’t done any specifically dècollaged work, however I am interested in their use posters and advertisements to disrupt public displays of information. Dècollage is also an interesting example of the relationship between destruction and creation, through the working of existing layers of information – the practice becomes a creative archaeological exploration of history, reinterpreting and reconstructing the relationship between the layers to create fresh pieces of work.




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