Ben Lewis Giles

It has been helpful to consider contemporary uses of video and photo-montage. I have found Ben Lewis Giles’ work particularly interesting in this area, his work contains rich and playful narratives drawing from a range of subject matter. His artist statement:

“I found myself suddenly neighbour to the birds; not by having imprisoned one, but having caged myself near them ”

Nature, metamorphosis, light, colour, collage,collaboration, juxtaposition, repetition, excitement, evolution, manipulation,music, television, improvisation, participation and seduction are all components in my practice.”



I am particularly interested in his video-montage work, his use of archived footage clips to achieve a narrative is something that I am looking to explore. Through the use of archive video clips, he begins to establish a clear theme running through each video, yet although a theme can be seen, a distinct and coherent narrative is difficult to pinpoint.


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