David Shrigley

I have become incredibly interested in the artist David Shrigley and his satirical, illustrative commentaries. His work incorporates a playful element, his drawings are quite childlike and yet express quite profound and serious narratives about the human condition. The juxtaposition between ‘seriousness’ and play creates a really interesting relationship, one that does make it difficult to pinpoint the nature and intention of the work, with the childlike quality interrupting the severity of some of the themes approached by Shrigley.

I think it is the playful and comical element that draws me to his work, and particularly his drawing style, I’m thinking about how the style of the drawing can impact the way the work is received. Relating this to my own work, I think the collaged/drawing work I am currently doing is quite playful, and I’m quite interested in how dealing with the images playfully impacts the reception of the work – particularly how the use of quite an illustrative style works within a fine art context.


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