Video Montage

As well as exploring image and text montages,  I have begun to utilise video as a way of exploring the relationship breakdown between ‘signified’ and ‘signifiers’ highlighted by Jameson.

The idea of the archive is also quite a prominent feature of postmodernism, and something that I am quite keen to explore. In my videomontage work, I have used the text cutouts that I have been generating as a reference point for my exploration into archived footage. I am taking the sentences, and word by word, inputting them into a video archive site, using the site, I download the first videos (of suitable length) that I find and collate them together into one montage. I am experimenting with the best ways to collate these, currently I am looking to explore how these clips can sit together in one screen.

For me, the videos work well to convey this ‘schizophrenic’ idea of post-modernity that Jameson puts forward. Each individual clip has been found through chance encounters with language, and following on from this, an excavation into what one specific word conjures when searched for within an archive. The video is then taken out of its original context and placed alongside video clips that have also been found using the same method. The video clips are left to contextualize one another, yet the dialogue that grows between each video clip does not satisfy a logical narrative. Instead the videos interrupt one another, drown each other out and create an experience of confusion and frustration.

(It is worth noting, that I don’t actually think that the video montages above are the most effective way of achieving my intentions. I think there are more effective ways to edit the clips together, and I intend to continue working on this)




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