New Media in Art

art that has been born from the art-and-technology marriage is perhaps the most ephemeral of all: the art of time, an image created inside a computer resides no place or time at all. Images, scanned into a computer, then edited, montaged, erased, or scrambled, can seem to collapse the normal barriers of past, present, and future.
– Michael Rush

The emergence of new technologies has had a significant influence within contemporary art, challenging the use of traditional art forms and expanding the number of ways that we relate to the world – allowing artists to move away from the canvas and towards an embrace of new means that are able to express a changing relationship with the world. It is this changing relationship with the world that I have found myself becoming more interested in.

I really am just beginning to consider the impact of new media, and its influence on art and my own practice – its influence on our relationship with reality, with its ability to blur the boundaries between real and not real. Its ability to question the way we represent and use language, meaning and narratives. Its ability to act as a tool to both faithfully capture and represent, as well as deconstruct and manipulate, time and the perception of reality. The way it is completely reshaping our relationship with the world around us is something in my work I am just beginning to sheepishly explore but am really excited to see how this can influence my future practice.


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