Formative Assessment


I am really interested in our relationship with meaning, and am particularly concerned with how we sit within the world. My work at the moment is attempting to explore this relationship, examining how we make sense of the world and how we make connections within the world following a rejection of the authority of ‘meta-narratives’. My work responds to the writings of Jean-Francos Lyotard, Frederic Jameson and post-structuralist theorists, to examine how a shift into Postmodernism has effected our relationship with meaning. I have drawn from a wide range of influences including Surrealist and Dada practitioners such as Hannah Hoch, Max Ernst and William Burroughs exploring their exploration of illogical and disconnected narratives. Through the use of collage, video-montage, text and drawing I aim to playfully visualise and articulate what it feels like to position ourselves within a time that finds it difficult to bring together it’s individual experiences into one cohesive experience.

Contextualisation: 5 Key Points

Documentation: 5 Key Points


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