Field Summary

I have found the field module this year has provided me with a great opportunity to grow as a practitioner and an individual, teaching me a number of transferable skills that I will definitely be able to draw on in the future of my practice. I was able to recognise the importance of both networking and independence in my practice, understanding the importance of sitting outside my comfort zone and mixing with new environments and ideas that I would otherwise shy away from.

Art and the Conscious Mind challenged my ability to interact with a rich range of subjects, theories, questions and ideas that I would perhaps otherwise overlook in the subject matter of my art,  such as quantum physics and psychology and the philosophical implications of discoveries in these fields. I can recognise how exploring such a wide range of topics has really broadened my practice – the more that I am learning about subjects that I would usually overlook, the more questions  I am asking, and the more ideas I am gathering. The module really enriched the places and subjects that I consider looking to for inspiration in my art, and I can see already how this is allowing me to create much more informed work. I grew in the knowledge of the debates and ideas surrounding the subject of ‘art and the conscious mind’ which has helped me to broaden my points of reference, but perhaps more significantly, I was able to see the real ability that art has to express nuances  and experiences that perhaps are otherwise inaccessible through data and writing. It has challenged me as an artist to consider my position in the conversation that is happening between art, science, psychology and philosophy, recognising the significant role that art can have within this.

The second module of Field, ‘Tipping Point’, was also a hugely helpful opportunity. It provided me with practical experience of working within  a more professional environment, whilst also prompting me to consider the significance that we as individuals can have on creating positive changes. Working closely with a climate change organisation, coupled with what this project has taught me about the wide and lasting impact that even small changes can have, has encouraged me to consider the environmental impact of my practice, and how  I can live and work in a much more sustainable way. This is not something that I intend to directly tackle as a theme in my artwork, but it has really inspired me to consider the way that empathy and a view beyond my immediate environment can be involved in future practice. This sensitivity to social and environmental sustainability is an incredibly important aspect of art practice, and this project has really encouraged me to  consider the importance of how we support and engage with one another in a working environment and  also the significance that our work as artists and designers can have in a wider context.




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