Brigid Mcleer

Dictionary Follow Ons, 2008

“Dictionary follow-ons is a series of ongoing text-based works made by selecting interesting pairings of words from the dictionary. In this case these selections were taken from the Chambers Concise English Dictionary.”

This piece highlights the interesting pairing of words and the relationship that words have with each other. I am interested in the way that this ongoing piece is able to highlight the interdependent relationship of words. Certain words ordered together work to create conventional, intentional and direct meanings Рhowever it is interesting to consider the relationship that is born from a pairing, or combination of words, that would not usually sit next to each other in a conventional sentence. The meanings of the words weave together, either in a cohesive way or else in a more abstract, ellusive way, as is the case with the chance text pieces that I have been working with.





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