Camille Henrot – Grosse Fatigue


Grosse Fatigue has been a significant point of reference for my video work, I am particularly interested in the way that Henrot works with archive footage.  The work is formed through this layering and combining of archived material, and develops a poetic exploration of various creation stories held by various traditions and cultures – this exists in the form of opening and closing windows appearing as though on a computer screen. She also contrasts the use of oral and written forms of communication, working with this contrast to open up a vivid conversation surrounding the attempt to understand the world’s beginnings.


The balance between drawing out narrative and an intense amount of visual information is something that I recognise as a concern in the video work that I am currently producing. Considering my own practise in relation to this video work, I  am interested in her formation of narrative from individually sourced archive footage – how Henrot curates the footage in order to achieve one story through the diversity of individual narratives drawn from collected sources. Her use of language has also been an interesting point of consideration –  I am beginning to think about the contrast between written and spoken language and its relationship with post-modernity and narrative, and how this could help me to develop my video pieces.

Below is a video interview with Camille Henrot, including footage of Grosse Fatigue.



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