Image and Chance

I have been continuing to work on drawings and photo-montage that make use of chance, exploring the influence that chance has on the creation of meaning. I have been repeating the task of assembling narratives through collage, and then documenting these through drawing. However, I am also exploring the combination of the two – thinking about how this layering changes the nature of the image. I’m also interested in how creating a drawing from an image allows for a more ‘trace’ like element in the work. I think these layered pieces are much more successful than the others.

The most important element of this particular working of my ideas is the process itself. The element of chance that is involved with developing these images creates a frustrating interaction between me and what I am creating. Knowing how and where to place and layer the images with each other, trying to develop some sort of narrative out of just chance encounters with the images is difficult and frustrating.


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