Development of Video Work

I have been enjoying working with archived footage, but I wasn’t quite pleased with the montage video clip pieces that I was doing. I did like the intense sense of disorientation and decontextualisation that came through the pieces, the conflict of narratives, but felt like there was a lot more that could be done with the video clips. There were definitely better ways that I could make use of the clips. I began to think about the fragmented use of language expressed in the text montages I had done, and began to consider how this could be used more explicitly within the video pieces. I began working on, what I consider to be, performative pieces that make use of archived footage to perform the chance text pieces.

The text pieces narrated are chance pieces developed from Jean Francois Lyotard’s writing ‘A Postmodern Condition’, I am aware of the intentional and perhaps cliched nature of the decision to involve this text as a source for the work – however, what I do think it achieves is an almost ‘autobiographical’ exploration of post-modernity. The words do sit difficultly together without cohesive structure, and so in this sense it disrupts our relationship with the language, but at the same time the nature of the words in the video works do  behave in an almost self aware manner.



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