Video Repetition

I have been continuing to develop my video pieces, and in the most recent two am looking to emphasise the of appropriation and repetition within my work. With the videos below I have used a number of different video clips that contain the exact same word, repeating the same text but with the use of different ‘narrators’ each time. I am interested in how the same words are carried repeatedly through the video but by a number of different sources, and how the relationship between the viewer and the word is disrupted by this bombardment of continuously changing sources.

In these first two videos I have also worked from different text sources, the words are sourced from tabloid papers and popular magazines. The work loses its self awareness quality, but seems to suggest more contemporary significance and the language is notably more abrupt.

The videos are intended to be viewed on loop.

These videos revert back to referencing the writing of Jean-Francois Lyotard



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