Artist Statement

“As meaning is lost, the materiality of words becomes obsessive, as is the case when children repeat a word over and over again until its sense is lost and it becomes an incomprehensible incantation”
-Frederic Jameson

Postmodernity can be characterised as the rejection of metanarratives – a term used by french philosopher Jean-François Lyotard to describe any theory seeking to provide a totalising account of the human experience. Described as ‘cannabilistic’ and ‘parasitic’, postmodernity’s rejection of a ‘narrative of narratives’ sees the author die and the archive rise. Fuelled further by the ephemeral and ellusive nature of time within a digital age, our sense of history becomes lost and fragmented – forcing us into a perpetual and disorientating present tense.

In my work, chance encounters with text are performed repetitively by selected pieces of footage from internet archives. The words, performed by deconstructed and decontextualised footage, sit in isolation, and are reduced to abstract forms that are unable to satisfy their position as signifiers. Alongside my video work, I have presented a series of mixed media pieces that further explore the relationship between chance and meaning.


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