Starting Point

Over the summer there have been a few artists that have stuck in my mind from my second year final project, their work for me has served as a starting point for some of the ideas I want to bring forward into my 3rd year project.

Petra Cortright 

Mike Kelley 

Ryan Trecartin 

I will be spending more time looking into these artists work in a bit more depth as I progress, but as an initial superficial exploration into their work, I am really interested in the way that they deal with digital media, particularly how it occupies space. I am interested in their approach to internet art and the the relationship between digital and physical space and existence. Particularly Mike Kelley and Ryan Trecartins work also looks at the excessive and over the top nature of contemporary society, Trecartin particularly explores this in a very absurdist way.

I want to develop on these sorts of ideas in my work this year, ideas of occupying digital and physical space, the excessive yet mundane relationship we have with information, and perhaps an exploration into the vulnerability that comes with such open access to data – the ease at which the relationship between fact and fiction can be blurred.


3rd Year Brief

This year will be an important time to really grasp and develop our own personal practice and way of working. At the moment I’m really unsure of where this will take me, I’m excited to see how my practice will develop and of finding my own voice as an artist.

I left second year with really positive feedback following my film works on postmodernism and fragmentation of language/narrative/meaning. I found myself really enjoying working with film, and particularly the use of archived footage. This is something I have been considering and working on over the summer. Particularly, I am beginning to take an interest in the use of digital media, and am thinking about how a digitalised society has changed our relationship with knowledge, information and communication. This is my starting point and I’m looking forward to exploring this – perhaps also considering the relationship between more traditional ways of working compared to digital media, experimenting with an interplay between the two.

One particular aim I have for my work this year is to be a bit more ambitious with my work, to develop a bit more of a braver and bolder approach. I often develop quite ambitious strands of ideas, but am aware that I can be quite conservative and quiet with my making. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to push myself out of my comfort zone and towards being a more ambitious and experimental artist. The first step I have made towards this is to minimalise the amount of work I am doing in my sketch book, attempting to develop a body of work not constrained to such a confined space.