Jon Rafman and Petra Cortright – Digital Painting

Jon Rafman
Paint FX

Rafmans ‘Paint FX’ series explores the interesting relationship between paint, form and materiality within the digital space. His work draws attention to the false sense of physical presence that digital technology can create – Rafman juxtaposes multiple textures that draw attention to a strange presence that we can recognise materially but also are forced to acknowledge its completely synthetic nature.

 Petra Cortright

Again I’m interested in this combination of painting techniques and digital space – Cortrights use of photo manipulation, and the presence of digital motifs and imagery is a dynamic exploration of this crossover between 3D and 2D, and reality as digitally modifiable files. Cortrights work also explores perhaps a more subtle notion of beauty available in the digital, developing a style that exists as both organic and natural but at the same time adhering to a digital structure and style.


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