Omer Fast – CNN Concatenated

This piece by Fast takes the words of television presenters out of context and edits them together in order to generate fast paced new narratives, they perform new monologues collectively yet each only contributing singular words. By doing this, Fast is able to subvert the narratives often presented on news shows and by television presenters, as well as offering a critique on the normal run of the news.

I am interested in this re-hashing style of video work, and how it allows for new narratives to be produced, but not necessarily from an original source – instead the use of archived footage offers a database of materials that can be used to your own end. Fast’s work is able to convey a more personal and emotional, human narrative through the ‘clutter’ of this excess of video footage – this is something that interests me. I would like to develop a more ‘human’ and ’emotional’ narrative that works through the excess and obscenity of the vast amount of material available across the internet, using collected materials to develop a sort of ‘discussion’ piece.



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