Tom Piper – Digital Prints

Tom Piper’s digital prints explore the nature of both flatness and form, bringing the two together and merging the boundary. Whilst the prints exist as 2 dimensional but his use of digital allows for the suggestion of 3 dimensional space. Looking at Piper’s work, I am beginning to consider the interplay between 3D and 2D use of space, and am thinking about exploring perhaps how the work I have been doing could feed into a physical space outside of the computer, whilst still suggesting the synthetic nature and flatness of digital, before perhaps feeding this back into the computer and exploring how artificial 3 dimensional spaces can be generated digitally. As a wider consideration, it is interesting to consider the artificiality of ‘cyberspace’, but how it can act as a space that we can relate to in a very real sense – it sorts of absorbs us into what feels like a real world, a real space, but is actually a flat and formless synthetic space.



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