Digital Textures – 3D model

Following a discussion with my tutors, I’ve started to consider how I could bring my practice into 3D experimentation – this is my first (pretty rough) attempt to explore this. I was considering the 2D work I have done with ‘nature’ textures, and also thinking about Tom Piper’s work. I am interested in the synthesis of natural textures in particular as they seem to be most opposed to digitalised ‘flatness’. By bringing these artificial shapes and textures into a three dimensional space (although I suppose in the model they are presented quite two-dimensionally), I want to explore this physical and digital relationship.


The second image is an accidental Photoshop edit that occurred when I attempted to remove the background of the photograph, but I thought it was a really interesting almost ‘reclaiming’ of the 3D form back into digital. This is something I will move forward to experimenting with, is bringing the 3D work that I intend on doing back into the editing software where the textures were first generated. Further extending this investigation into digital 2D and physical




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