As an initial experiment into the vulnerability of digital images to manipulation, I began to explore the distortion and fragmentation of stills from archived video footage. I don’t think the the work is particularly effective, but I was interested in people’s reactions to it. Most people who saw them automatically connected them with pornography and obscenity. This made me consider the link between obscenity and the internet – how digital technologies offer a platform for the transmission of this sort of material.

However, considering this alongside Baudrillard’s writing ‘The Ecstasy of Communication’, it could be argued that the excessive amount of obscene material transmitted so readily and accessed so freely and casually actually changes the nature of ‘obscenity’.

“The hot, sexual obscenity of former times is succeeded by the cold and communicational, contactual and motivational obscenity of today. The former clearly implied a type of promiscuity, but it was organic, like the body’s viscera, or again like objects piled up and accumulated in a private universe, or like all that is not spoken, teeming in the silence of repression. Unlike this organic, visceral, carnal promiscuity, the promiscuity that reigns over the communication networks is one of superficial saturation, of an incessant solicitation, of an extermination of interstitial and protective spaces.”

This may be an idea that I pick up again at some point in the future.


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