Text to Speech + Archived Video

Considering Eliza, the artificial psychotherapist, I have began to consider the development of interfaces that allow us to create a more ‘human’ feel to technology. Particularly considering the text to speech tools and use of ‘avatars’ to create the illusion of humanity.

I  put the google text pieces that I have generated through one of these text to speech tools to explore how this would change our relationship with them. I then explored these audio files clipped together with videos from Youtube relating to the text (I typed the text back into Youtube and collected the videos linked in with this).

This is quite an experimental video, I think parts of it work. I particularly like the question and answer sort of feel that occurs at the start of the video, between the guy in the video clip and the synthesized voice. This is a detail that I think might be interesting to develop – generating conversational pieces between archived materials and this digitalised voice.



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