Cecile B Evans


Definition of hyperlink

  1. :  an electronic link providing direct access from one distinctively marked place in a hypertext or hypermedia document to another in the same or a different document

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Definition of artificial intelligence

  1.  a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers

  2.  the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior


Agnes is a ‘bot’ who lives on the Serpentine Gallery website. Her voice directly addresses the user and prompts them to interact with videos/text that appear on the screen. As the user engages with and selects certain options on screen Agnes continues to address the use, and begins to comment on the footage or images that begin to appear.



Agnes (the end is near)

The use of found footage in this work is particularly significant, there is a clear sense of a narrative developed through Agnes’ commentary and this narrative draws together the found footage in a way that I am struggling to achieve. I think the ownership of the material and the personalization of the narrative despite its use of sourced material is difficult to get right, but is extremely successful in these Agnes works. As well as this, Agnes herself is uncannily present in the work, she has a personality that draws the viewer into something of a relationship with her, this is so convincing that you begin to feel a certain sadness as she struggles quite humanly with her fear of ending.

I am interested in this human/machine idea of ‘being’, and in particular the idea that the synthetic intelligence that we create will begin to absorb the content that we post online and understand the world in this way, we open up a dialogue with this virtual space of information and in doing so begin to digitalise the human experience, making it possible for our emotions and anxieties to be processed as data and understood by these artificially intelligent agents.