Degree Show Fundraising

Affordable Art Auction

In order to raise money for our degree show we hosted an affordable art auction, and although it came together quite last minute, overall I think it was a real success!

I was not able to help with the set-up, but did spend a day invigilating the space. The auction took place in a room within the Vue Cinema complex, it was quite out of the way and so was difficult to advertise. Ideally, a more accessible space would have been good, as this would have engaged passing members of the public with the event. Having said this, the space itself was really good and the work fitted well within it. I did contibute a piece for the auction, but unfortunately this did not sell. On the whole the event went really well and raised a large amount of money for the degree show!!

Image may contain: indoor

Bake Sale 

Like many of the other subject areas in CSAD we decided to hold a bake sale in order to raise money for our degree show. A number of us baked for it and took it in turns to man the stall, we were really pleased with how many people had baked and we were pretty well stocked!! Our prices were pretty low, which meant people were pretty keen to help us out!! In the end, we sold most of the goods and ended up with around £100 for the degree show. It was also a really good way to be present as representatives of the Fine Art group in the school, hopefully this engagement with the wider school will also encourage people to come along to the final show.



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