More Songs of Innocence and of Experience, 2012

“More Songs of Innocence and of Experience are a series of karaoke videos that take a fresh look at unsolicited spam emails and their affinities with the romanticism and realism in Charles Dicken’s novel, ‘Our Mutual Friend'”

I have just come across this work by Thomas & Craighead, and I am interested in their playful approach to the content of spam emails. I find this work to be a particularly good example of how the language of the internet may be taken outside of its immediate context and considered in a new way by interacting with it playfully. In this instance, the specifics of the language is considered in relation to the writings of Charles Dickens and explored as a karaoke song. I like the new interaction that it invites, and consider this to be an interesting way to negotiate through the familiarity of the interactions that take place between isolated individuals, the public andĀ automatised messaging.

It also reminded me of this TED talk that I watched a while ago. It is quite an entertaining approach to those who create Spam emails.

I find it interesting to consider the sorts of playful dialogues that can open up within the very broad contexts found within the internet.


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