The direction of my work seems to be increasingly moving towards an interest in the interactions that take place within the context of the internet. I am particularly interested in the questions we ask, how the internet responds and how large chunks of our imagination are invested within these interactions.

I am particularly interested in the automatic and impersonal relationship that takes place between the internet and the user, and particularly how this seems to occur with a facade of personalisation and ‘presence’ (presence in the sense that there is a convincing attempt to synthesise an experience of a conversation, even with the automatic and impersonal information that is returned). Image result for omegle

As well as the relationship with the automated response of the internet, I have also found it interesting to consider how the interaction between human beings plays out within an impersonal, random, and anonymous space. One of my most recent explorations took place within the chat room ‘Omegle’. Returning to the existential question ‘what is the meaning of life?’, I was interested to see the sorts of responses that I would receive within this particular context. Below is a document that contains the responses gathered.


I will hopefully progress to use these responses in order to create video pieces, or at least as points of reference in order to generate further material.


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