Predictive Text

I came across an entertainment article that suggested using the predictive text messaging tool on phones in order to generate random and amusing sentences. I was quite interested in exploring this and considering the sort of ‘artificial intelligence’ that could be used to inform text and language.

There is also an autobiographical element to carrying out an activity like this, as the tool uses your most frequently used words in order to suggest what word you should use next. By only using the words that the tool instructs, you are able to generate peculiar sentences that are suggestive of a sentence but make no sense.

I like the lack of control in this sort of task, and how it almost allows the phone to speak for itself (though using the words it thinks I want, from its experience of me). It generated quite interesting sentences that I intend, such as with the Omegle texts, to develop into works that explore the broader idea of digital interactions.



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