I have been trying to consider whether or not to include an element of coding in my work. Last term, I began experimenting with the visual arts software ‘Processing’, which is a basic software that offers those particularly in the visual arts a platform to create visuals through coding. I was experimenting with different ways that I could generate video works, activating changing videos through key presses, or calling up videos automatically and randomly. These were very basic experimentations, and I am still undecided as to how much code I will incorporate into my work for the degree show. I am very aware of the time constraint that would make it difficult for me to learn a language efficiently enough to execute some of the concepts I am considering. However, I do think that given the sort of ideas I am considering, coding would feed in very well in the development of my work.

This particular code runs through a random selection of numbers, and each time it reaches the number that I have programmed to call up a video, the video plays. There is a continuous stop and start with lots of different clips, which creates quite a disorientating effect. This was an experiment more than anything, and I will continue to consider how much code I’d like to incorporate.



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