Information, data, and knowledge.

I remember learning about the distinction between data, information, and knowledge in my GCSE ICT class. The definitions are still in the back of my mind as I work on this project. To oversimplify by a long way, and use those definitions (courtesy of BBC bitesize revision):

Data: the ‘raw’ facts – words, images, sounds, dates etc. without context.

Information: a collection of words, numbers, dates, images, sounds etc put into context, ie to give them meaning. (A structure is needed in order for data to become information).

Knowledge: Knowledge is the ability to understand information and to then form judgements, opinions, make predictions and decisions based on that understanding.

I think these definitions are more applicable to their context within technology and computing, and therefore perhaps do not probe philosophically into what these words could mean and how each is distinct from the other.

My particular interest throughough this project has been to probe the nature of information within a digital environment, considering how we relate to data when there is a fluidity and a network of contexts, rather than perhaps a fixed one.



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