Love Songs.

Having watched a number of films recently that deal with relationships between human and A.I relationships, I have found myself beginning to imagine cyberspace – and the interfaces that communicate with the ‘real world’ – as a being, or beings, that communicate with humans but are somewhat different.

They surpass the human being in knowledge and information, as they are able to access infinite amounts of data within seconds, and continuously grow as they are fed with increasing amounts of digital information.

However, I like the idea that this being/or beings are distinct from humans in their inability to contemplate their own existence or to think of things abstractly, they can not seem to synthesise the human experience entirely as perhaps it is too messy to comprehend through data.

Drawing on this, I have begun to develop ‘love’ songs between two synthetic voices, and I am imagining them as artificially intelligent agents that are beginning to contemplate their own existence, but are only able to do so through song lyrics found on the internet. This work is very underdeveloped, but I’m considering how I can take the ideas present within the work further forward.


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