Predictive Sound

Considering the ‘voice’ of the artist in a digital age, as well as the fragmented nature of information in contemporary society, I have created some predictive text ‘performances’.

I am reciting the predictive texts that I am generating on my phone, the first piece contains three that are being generated as I am reading them (these are much more fragmented as I am very much reading one word at a time). I find it interesting how this work is related to when heard through a human voice.

The second piece is a number of paragraphs that have already been written by predictive text, I am reading them aloud. I have intentionally left in the parts where I stumble over words, I think this demonstrates an interesting relationship between my mind and the information. My brain can’t quite cope with the fact that the sentences aren’t coherent and so automatically seems to try and make the sentence sound correct.

These are pretty rough experiments but I am quite interested in developing the ideas within them further. I quite like the masking of the predictive language by the human voice, and think that by doing this the incoherence of the information is quite apparent. An interesting back and fore between my words and the phone function is created.


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