Sometimes When We Touch

Following the love song experiments and a number of discussions surrounding my work, I have begun to use song lyrics as the starting points for my videos. I had previously been using videos of people discussing ‘important’ or ‘big questions’,  however, I was unsure whether the use of content explicitly dealing with the issue of meaning and purpose was a bit cliched and perhaps a bit too literal.

It was suggested in a tutorial that perhaps focusing on material such as poetry and songs would introduce a new and more interesting element into the work. These sources are contained within the space of the internet, which continues to work with my emphasis on collecting and collaging works from within the space that I am commenting on, but at the same time, these sources are able to exist a lot more ‘physically’ than perhaps other content. I also think that dealing with poetic language will create more of a contrast with the stark computer generated responses. I am specifically trying to choose songs that deal with quite human issues, particular those centred around questions of life, and increasingly songs that use quite physical and visceral language.

With these pieces I have also been experimenting with including other elements in the videos, and using a lot more visual content, which I definitely think is making the work a bit more dynamic and interesting – but I definitely need to develop this further.


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