Abe & Mo sing the blogs


This work is probably most interesting when engaged with on the site itself. The work consists of a number of collected blog posts that are performed as songs by ‘Abe and Mo’, I presume this is the artist accompanied by a reanimated presence of Abraham Lincoln.

The work considers the claim of blogging to be ‘new voice of the people’ and reanimates old blog posts as songs, a medium which has historically served as this same voice.

The approach to online material interests me, it is explored within the same space that the artist is commenting on, it does not only offer an observation of the internet but works within it. The artist also has an interesting way of handling the blog information, and in doing so poses interesting ideas surrounding the voice of the artist in the digital age.

The reanimation of these blog posts, their de-contextualisation and the performances generated from them disrupt our relationship with the familiar reading of blog posts. This gives the content a new voice and in many ways romanticises the text.

Discussing her wider practice, Marisa Olson comments

“What I make is less art ‘on’ the internet than it is art ‘after’ the internet. It’s the yield of my compulsive surfing and downloading. I create performances, songs, photos, texts, or installations directly derived from materials on the Internet or my activity there” 

Olson also comments that her work puts this consumption of the internet on display.

There is a question about the role the artist plays within a digital space, using the content already in existence, this is a challenge that is continuously reappearing throughout my practice. I am considering a way to address this.


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