Formative Assessment

Personal Statement (revised – also in need of further revision)

By playfully navigating a growing digital archive of information and assimilating found text, images, and video, I hope to address our increasingly fragmented relationship with information following our engagement with digital ‘search’ technologies. I am also interested in the synthetic intelligence that acts as the host of such encounters, personalising and actualising the conversation between the digital and the physical.

Degree Show Proposal

For my final degree show exhibition, I intend to work towards creating some sort of online/computer interface that will accessible through a monitor, or several monitors, in a well-lit space (preferably lit with artificial light). The computer interface will host the conversation between the viewer and the video work, the video pieces will have already been created and therefore the video work will not be ‘live’, but there will hopefully be an element of interactivity within the work. I do also like the idea of the work being available on personal devices and so hope to host the work online and provide some sort of link in this space in order to invite people to view the work on their devices. I also hope to have a ‘gallery assistant’ in the space, this assistant will be my doll Cayla, a smart doll connected to the internet. I am currently working on hacking her and reprogramming her responses so that she is able to talk about my work with people in the show.

5 Contextualization Posts

5 Documentation Posts

I wanted to include this video clip here as I feel it quite helpfully illustrates one of the key concepts in my work.


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