The Artist is/n’t present.

In response to the consideration of the role of the post-internet artist, I began to consider my role and voice within the work that I am creating. Although I am continually looking at artists that use found footage in their practice, and work towards finding a more articulate way of developing my ideas, I thought to respond fairly instinctively this question by using myself as the interface.I have sourced a piece of software that allows my face to be modelled, animated and voice synchronised using a similar text to speech interface that I have already been using.

The work allows me to become an eery presence in the work, it is not me, but it is.


I realised that because of the lack of coding knowledge and time to learn it, the work I am producing is largely manual and laboured by me. I initially I felt this was problematic, as I was interested in talking about AI but had limits to being able to use it. I then began to recognise that what I am largely doing is adopting the role of AI, drawing on the processes that I imagine it may follow and calling up the information that I collect as I follow paths around the internet.

The inclusion of this animated version of myself is a comment on this perhaps, and a starting point in order to consider my role in the work.

This is the most recent experiment, it is pretty underdeveloped but is a taster of what I intend on continuing with.

This is a foundational text piece for the video piece.

You Can’t touch this – script



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