I Wanna Feel

Developing on from my last video work, the video created from the song ‘You Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer. I selected this song just because the thought of the lyrics in the context of the ideas that I am exploring was quite amusing. I continued this idea through to my most recent video work, in which I use the song ‘Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing’ by Mayday Parade in order to generate the ‘script’ for the video.

I identified that I wanted a song with lyrics that held a sense of longing to touch in it, this idea has largely developed from the number of films that I have seen relating to artificial intelligence. There is a recurring idea in each of these films of a barrier between the digital and the physical spaces that the user and the computer occupy. Through employing song lyrics about this longing to touch, but ‘translated’ through a gathering of information performed by the computer, I hope to reflect on this space that prevents the two from meeting fully.

The ‘script’:

i want to feel

In this video piece, I have been a little bit more creative with the presentation of the archived information that I have collected. In the ‘You Can’t touch This’ video I was beginning to incorporate more of the content associated with the search results of the individual lyrics, including  pop-ups, video, images, text, and advertisements, but this was done quite timidly and I was still focusing predominately on the text to speech reading of the search engine results. I think the busy-ness and excessive amount of information within this video piece demonstrate my intentions a lot more clearly.


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