Between the Physical and the Digital

The main two ideas that surround this project are as follows:

  • A fragmentation of our relationship with information following an engagement with search technology
  • How this is ‘actualized’ through the employment of interfaces that makes the digital space more tangible and ‘real’

The video’s that I have been working on address the first concern, and the second is in part being addressed through my own animated presence within the narration of the fragmented information scripts. However, following the research I have done into artist’s that engage with the internet in their work, I am interested how I could develop this idea of the interface within my own practice.

I have started to play around with some layouts and ideas of how to present my work interactively using Powerpoint. Although quite cumbersome and unrefined, it’s a starting point to consider how I could engage this work as part of an online interactive experience.

So far, many of my ideas take the human body and its functions as a model and the linked pages sort of correspond loosely to this basic model – incorporating images, textures and icons that offer a digitalised counterpart to the physical. The slides include hyperlinked lips and hearts that take you either to other slides or to external sites. The lips for example, when clicked on, take you to web entries relating in some way to lips or kissing. What I’d like to do is to create a space that uses image, text, and video to draw parallel to the body, a space that feels very physical and ‘fleshy’, yet acknowledges this restriction in its digital nature. Throughout the whole work I would like the animated ‘me’ to narrate and be present as an assistant. I hope to see this develop into an online space,


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