Gap Crit

This Thursday was the last set of gap crits for the year, and for me, it was the first as well as the last.  It was an incredibly helpful opportunity actually, and although I was very nervous,  it went so much better than I had anticipated – despite a number of technical difficulties beforehand. I had intended on exploring how the slides would work as interactive pieces on ipads, but too many technical difficulties got in the way, and I realised that this wouldn’t really be feasible. In the end I presented the work in the ‘breakthrough’ space in one of the corridors, the space is concrete and has a large window that allows you to look out at the rest of the building. Here I set up the powerpoint on a desktop computer, and then showed two videos on iPads either side. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures (due to nerves I think!), so my writing about it will have to do,

A few notes that I took down as people discussed the work:

  • navigation is unclear, the presentation offers few prompts explaining how to navigate from one page to the next.
  • voice of the ‘assistant’ – does not come across as completely childlike, more like pubescent. The ‘nakedness’/’baldness’ of the assistant further adds to this idea of a being ‘not quite in completion’ – becoming human.
  • the internet is being poured out without any context, translated through avatar (comment is in line with what I am trying to achieve).
  • an overwhelming amount of information merges together, forget what song is being played.
  •  changes our relationship with the song lyrics.
  • not very interactive, makes the user redundant. More interactive? Less?
  • Set up for show – how does the piece work with groups of people? Could there be multiple monitors, like an internet cafe? What screen size?

I found the responses very helpful and will consider how I can develop these forward. I was happy with how people were reading the work and felt it was in line with my intentions for it. I was also pleased to see people engaging in wider conversations around the ideas that I have explored in the work. It took the focus away from the work, but I didn’t mind because hopefully this means that work reads well and is capable of initiating wider conversations about the nature of the internet and information.

The following is a video of the presentation I made ready for the Gap Crit.



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