Relating to the human body

Following the development of the interactive interface that I worked on for the gap crit, and hope to develop into a website, I have been thinking about the idea of the ‘beings’ of the internet that appear to present data in a way that is relatable. A.I such as Siri, Amazon Echo, and virtual assistants/characters that offer a way of relating to the digital space that is personal and in many ways synthesises a human-human interaction. I have already explored this in a small way, through the powerpoint slides.

I have been further thinking about how the boundary between the physical and digital is slowly being merged and eliminated, and how this can be explored by perhaps relating the digital space to the human body. Extending the virtual assistant into a website that may act as a manifestation of the digital ‘being’, relating the website to the human body and exploring ideas around touch and the physical senses, translating these very physical properties digitally.

I am still returning to the use of songs, and hope to use these as a way of bringing forward the ideas of a poetic expression of the human experience, disrupting this through the engagement of search technologies. So far I have created two videos in response to this idea of the physical senses, one deals more generally with the idea of touch through the Bruce Springsteen song ‘human touch’ and the other is the first in a collection of works that will explore the 5 human senses of the body, the song that I have chosen is ‘a taste of honey’ by the Beatles. It is worth noting also, that I am continuing to use search technologies in order to choose these songs – selecting songs that are returned within the first 5 results relating the search term that I input.

Human Touch, Bruce Springsteen (Content) 

Human Touch, (Narration)

A Taste of Honey, The Beatles (Content)

A Taste of Honey, (Narration)


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