The body – Shelley Jackson

This piece has really helped to form some of my thoughts around the idea of the body as physical interface, and how this can be translated into a digital interface. The work exists as a labelled drawing of a female body, each label then acts as a hyperlink to a small amount of text relating to that part. Although it seems that the writing is a key element to the piece, it is not so much this that I am paying attention to, but more so the invitation to understand and navigate the body through hyperlinks.  Having said this however, the language used in the text pieces is very descriptive and reflects strongly on a sense of the visceral, the language turns the attention to the realities of the human body, but such a reality is resisted by the digital format and interface that it finds itself in. There is also an interesting hand-drawn aesthetic that seems to resist the digital format that it is exhibited in, but this perhaps further explores the relationship between the physical and the digital.


shelley jacksonshelley jackson3shelley jackson2


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