I have recognised the use of song lyrics as an instrument that allows for the ‘human experience’ to be translated into data and understood by a computer. It is this sort of poetic expression of the human experience that is most disrupted by the evolution of search technologies. It is in part the wholeness, the emotion, and the expressive nature of songs that I think are most contrasted by the fragmented nature of the internet and search technologies.

Considering this, it was also suggested in a tutorial that I consider looking into poetry as well, as a way of exploring the expression of the human experience. I’ll consider whether to take this forward to the same level as I have done with the songs, however, my I have had some initial ideas surrounding this. I considered the work I did a while ago, the text generation – assimilating found search results, and auto correct text scripts, I wondered whether there would be tools on the internet that would enable me to create my own poetry. I came across a number of internet sites that provided this service, and offered help with developing poetry by offering prompts/questions, the answers of which would be used to generate a piece of poetry.

Taking this as a starting point, I used these tools as a way of engaging with Google, and acting as a mediator between google search results and the poem generator.  I took the prompts and typed them into google, collected the first result that came up, and then input this text back into the poetry generator. Using one tool, I also used the sentence beginnings that they offered as prompts, as a search entry, and then used google’s top autocompleted suggestion as the pasted answer.

The process:

The resulting text pieces: 

Love song and poems


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