Developing a Website

So far, I have explored how to present the videos/text pieces using Microsoft Powerpoint. This has been helpful in allowing me to explore ideas surrounding an interactive interface, however, there is a limit to the amount I can really do with this software, it works in a very linear way and is difficult to share across platforms. The next step for the development of an interface in which to exhibit the work has been to create a website. I have very limited experience with coding but in order to have the freedom to create an interface from scratch, I made the decision to learn a basic level of html coding – and I have also been collaborating with someone more experienced in order to develop the more complex part of html coding.

I have been using the programme ‘brackets’ in order to begin to understand html coding, and I have felt that I have picked it up quite quickly. Obviously, anything that I create will reflect my basic level of skill in this area, but I feel confident that I will be able to create a space in order to incorporate my videos and relate them back into the sort environment they were drawn from. One of the main reasons that I have for doing this is in order to exhibit the work digitally, I want there to be a sort of ‘digital ownership’ where the user is invited into a digital space rather than bringing the digital out into the physical space by means of projection.

Some initial screenshots of my progress in html, these aren’t by any means the end product, but just my experimentation as I learn to code.



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