Joseph Kosuth

I feel like I’ve come across Conceptual artist Kosuth’s work far too late into this project, but looking into it now, it is helping me in many ways to realise some of the important concepts in my own work.

Kosuth’s work takes the study of linguistics as its central concern, and in particularly the process of signification. This is something I was interested in exploring last year, but this year I have decided to move away from these concepts as I felt my understanding of them was too limited to be able to explore this fully. What I am taking forward, and where I see the ideas of Kosuth playing out in my own practice is this idea of how one concept or word can manifest itself in many ways. In particular, through search technologies hundreds of thousands of different results are generated and collect around one search entry.

The way that one signifier is defined within such a network is no longer set at a fixed point but becomes lost within a web of definitions. This is a fairly superficial consideration around ideas that would require a lot more research, but currently I have found it helpful to just consider some of the crossovers between my work and Kosuth’s.


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