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A while ago I was thinking about relating my collection of digital information specifically to the human body, and considering the blurred line between the physical interface of our body and the digital interface of the web – the space/output that makes an attempt to synthesise the ‘real’ through a mimicking of humans/physical textures etc. However, after a period of consideration, I realised that this idea may be quite confused, and though it is an interesting area that could definitely be developed further, I don’t feel that at this point I should leave behind the work I’ve already developed in relation to the idea of the ‘big questions’, which I believe has been considered a lot more thoroughly.

Instead, I have returned to the sort of questions that I was considering initially, exploring how these questions are answered when engaged with digitally. By this, I mean our changed relationship with the sort of ‘big questions’ (in my work I have decided to focus on 3, What is life? What is love? and What is happiness?) that have perhaps been historically given absolute answers,  but within a digital context – or in the age of mechanical reproduction (to reference W.Benjamin) how such absolute answers are resisted within a situation with no fixed point of context. The internet specifically, offers no fixed point of reference, all pieces of information exist in parallel with one another, and an absolute narrative is resisted by the thousands of results that can be accessed just under one search entry. In some sense there is a hierarchy of information, determined by google’s algorithms, but the hyperlinked nature of the web means that once one link is engaged with, a whole range of possibilities and directions open up to the user.

The interface idea will still feed into the final outcome, and I will continue to work with the idea of the virtual personalisation of fragmented information through my presence as digital assistant, and I would still like to engage on some level in this idea of the physical and digital merged boundary, so may include the ‘Human Touch’ video that I have already worked on.

These are the three videos that I am looking to incorporate in my final outcome.

(The ‘content’ and ‘narration’ videos will be played simultaneously, but they have been uploaded as separate files)

What is Life?



What is Love?



What is Happiness?




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