No More Cayla?

After quite a while working with a Computer Scientist in order to try to hack Cayla and adapt her responses and words, in order that she might be able to ‘host’ my degree show, I have had to make the decision to not include her in this project. Although we have come very close now to hacking into her code, and have been able to alter some of her responses and make her repeat some of our input text. I feel that the progress we have made has come too late in order to justify her inclusion in the show.

However, I do feel that Cayla has been an important point in the development of my work and that through her I have realised a number of ideas. What I found most fascinating about Cayla was the strange relationship between this childlike doll and the mass of information she was able to access. Being internet connected, her access to information surpassed every human being, and yet all of this was enclosed in this strange childlike body and shared through this strange, electronic, childlike voice. In many ways, I think this is where the ideas behind the interface that I am creating for the video works has come from, and also the inclusion of the animated assistant. In some ways, I have made myself into a Cayla like character, and have used basic ideas of this synthetic ‘human interface’ in order to exhibit the video work that I have produced.


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