Setting Up the Degree Show

It’s finally set up time!! It feels strange to see our studio spaces being deconstructed, but a relief to be finally able to work in our exhibition spaces.

I have been allocated the glass breakthrough space, which is the space I requested, and so am very happy with it. I think what excites me most about the space is that in some ways it mirrors the computers – as in, it’s a square space that is set apart from the rest of the show and one wall is completely glass, through it you can look out across other parts of the university. There is a strong sense of being a secluded spectator that I feel is well suited to the ideas that I have been exploring the digital space.

One slight downfall of the space is that it has a large sound proofing board on the left wall, it is strongly attached and I will be unable to get it down, it’s not crucial to my piece, but I do worry in case it is read as part of the space as a whole.

As well as the practical, communal effort to build the whole show, I have also been searching across the school for suitable desks and chairs in order to set up my space. I have found some white ikea desks, and am really pleased with how they work with the space. Initially, I had planned to set them up centrally, but this would restrict the seating capacity and so I think I will keep them as seperate workstation set ups. I am not happy with any of the chairs I have found so far, and so have decided to source some small, black stools. I think the stools will work better in the space, they seem less formal than chairs and go far better with the desks.

After building the desks, I played around with the layout of the desks. A few of the compositions resembled something of a classroom – I disregarded these quite quickly as I was keen to avoid this association. It was quite clear in my mind that I wanted a very simple and basic format, which is why the simple desks worked so well, I didn’t want anything to distract from the website. I intend the desk layout to be somewhat familiar, any inclusion of a desk and computers will inevitably be, but with little association with a specific space that could be read as an intentional reference.


This is the final layout, with stools, that I decided on.


The layout I felt worked the best was the one in the final image, however, after I set up the computers, I made a slight adjustment and lined up the two desks facing the outer walls so that they were opposite each other. This largely was in order to ensure the wires were hidden neatly.


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