Summative Assessment


By playfully navigating a growing digital archive of information, I hope to address our increasingly fragmented relationship with information following our widespread engagement with online search technologies. I have become especially interested in artificially intelligent ‘personal assistants’ such as Siri, that act as the hosts of these encounters, personalising and actualising our engagement with the virtual. Throughout the development of my practice, I have become increasingly aware of the similarities between my own voice and that of an artificially intelligent personal assistant, leading me to consider the role and authorship of the artist in a post-internet age. In my piece, I hope to explore this by personally adopting the role of virtual assistant, and guiding the user through encounters with assimilations of found text, images, and videos relating to the ‘human experience’ as it might be understood digitally. The content is collected using search engines and online generator tools, removed from its hyperlinked environment, and presented inactively as a stream of information that disrupts the poetic reflections of songs and poems.

A Starting Point

A question for Siri

5 Key Points – Documentation

The Meaning of Life 

Love Songs

Finding a voice

What is love, life, and happiness? 

Creating an interface

5 Key Points – Contextualisation

Dada – Cut Ups

Cecile B Evans

Craig & Thompson

Love – Michael Samyn

A ‘Naive’ Aesthetic


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